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    17 August 2021

    Triangulating transformation:
    Every angle covered.

    People augmented with Data empowered by Technology. It’s our vision for change and the aspiration we bring to our clients.

    Capital Markets have always been a fiercely competitive, highly dynamic industry sector where expertise is key and innovation drives competitive advantage. Historically, firms have been quick to adopt and experiment with new technology to drive extraordinary speed of execution and product sophistication.

    While that spirit continues to thrive, our clients are facing some difficult challenges as they move to the next level of change. The legacy of existing systems; the way those systems were introduced, their design and architecture all impact on the rate of change. Part of the problem is the way data was treated, as if each system was an island. Part is the underlying monolithic architecture of most of the systems; part delivery approach; part internal controls and regulations – the list goes on.

    There is no doubt that technology is a huge enabler, allowing the business to flourish. If we design systems correctly – with ergonomic front ends, built on a microservices architecture – using DevOps, we will have technology platforms that truly empower a highly dynamic business, capable of rapid change.

    If we reimagine how data exists within an organization, approaching it as a whole and not creating silos where data is trapped and distorted, we can liberate the data to inform and drive the business forwards. We can also capture the huge amount of intelligence within the data that a firm produces, that currently ends up on the cutting room floor.

    Not all data is alike. Some of the data created is extremely time sensitive and needs real-time analytics to read, analyse and act on – often in timescales measured in fractions of seconds. Other data is more persistent, it needs enriching and aggregating on its journey from data to decision-making information.

    Data also exists in more diverse sets than most systems were designed for: emails, chat, social media, news channels and voice are also sources of data that can enrich decision making. The ability to process and extract information from these unstructured data sets is still limited in most organizations.

    If we design and build technology the right way, we are able to combine the structured and unstructured data across an organization, delivering powerful decision-making capabilities that can be deployed automatically as well as augmenting and empowering people across a wide variety of use cases.


    People augmented with data empowered by technology.

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