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    4 August 2021 / INSIGHT

    20,000 active EMEA counterparties consolidated & added to Salesforce Cloud

    Traceability & accuracy in a single client view, tracking all client activity

    Delivery of Salesforce Pardot as an enhancement to current Salesforce Org

    We flexed the world’s leading CRM solution to enhance end-to-end Client Lifecycle Management.

    Often, the canyon between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) opens up the ultimate ‘chicken and egg’ conundrum.

    When decisions come down to the cost of compliance vs. the expense of customer satisfaction, customers always comes first – but if you get compliance wrong, there’ll likely be very few chicks hatching at all.

    Across the banking and financial services industry, CRM has long been a standing agenda item in the boardroom, regarding speed to market; frictionless product reviews; enhanced customer experience and best-in-class servicing.

    It has resulted in a multitude of technology tools and accelerators becoming prominent across the industry. Building-out growing and intuitive data sets to provide competitive sales insight and advantage, with direct customer interaction in order to maximise market share.

    Then, the ultimate challenge. A seamless handover from CRM to CLM, to line up the final touches from a compliance perspective, and off you go – not quite. Closer to ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ – taking care that if your eggs aren’t already scrambled they soon could be.

    Without labouring too long on the challenges of new Client Onboarding, complex and ever-changing regulatory requirements have resulted in all of the good work delivered across the CRM process being impacted – on certain occasions existing customer relationships are even needing to be rescued.

    Standalone and agile CLM technology has gone a long way in smoothing out the KYC issue. In fact, you couldn’t do business without it and to keep pace with the competition – it has to be best-in-class. And, whilst ongoing investment in CLM has somewhat reduced the pain for new and existing customers of banks and institutions, the friction still exists within the boardroom.

    Sales vs. Compliance, Front Office vs. Back Office, CRM vs. CLM – Us vs. Them.

    What if there were tactical levers at your disposal that could bring these functions closer together?

    Would you like to see the slick functionality of CRM technology enrich and reinforce the integrity of customer and client lifecycles? Are you open to linking the two worlds together more holistically?

    The overarching fear, from both sides of the house, is always that CRM or CLM has been optimised for bespoke and specific purposes – so why run the risk of impacting its functionality with in-house solutions that take so long to build and refine? The risk of getting it wrong is too great to consider.

    At First Derivative, we support our global client community by bridging the gap between CRM and CLM to drive compliance and protect, nurture and grow each customer relationship.

    We harmonise the necessity for ongoing regulatory change across the industry, fusing existing technology stacks and data profiling for improved customer journeys, while also enhancing internal functions of a bank.

    Our heritage across data services and vendor applications, alongside deep domain expertise within Client Lifecycle Management, delivers specialist services and functional expertise, to customise solutions for all of your CRM and CLM needs.

    In doing so, First Derivative ensures you aren’t placing all your eggs in one basket.


    Releasing the full force of Salesforce

    We help our clients to harness the full force of Salesforce to implement seamless client outreach. Let us take you through how we’ve flexed the world’s leading CRM solution to enhance end-to-end Client Lifecycle Management for a Tier 1 global bank and achieved some amazing results from a 16-week project from concept to delivery.


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