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    IMPACT Mentorship Programme


    IMPACT Mentorship Programme

    The IMPACT Mentorship Programme aims to empower young women through a unique mentorship opportunity, offering key insights into the professional workplace and additional guidance through group events. This 8 week mentorship programme offers mentees support, guidance and insight into life as a woman in business, particularly within the FinTech industry.

    On the programme, you will:

    • Be assigned a dedicated First Derivative mentor for 8 weeks from July – August.
    • Participate in insight sessions to get a unique look at life in a variety of different roles and stories of successful women in tech.
    • Take part in a unique Confidence Camp designed to equip you with the skills you need to succeed – including top tips on presenting, improving your CV, how to nail the perfect interview and adjusting to a virtual world.
    • Receive an invitation to all Women’s Network social events and seminars.

    The IMPACT Mentorship Programme is suitable for young women who are currently studying or have recently graduated from any college/university degree path, with a keen interest in increasing their employability and an eagerness to gain a deeper understanding of working in the FinTech industry.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the IMPACT Programme?

    The IMPACT programme sees our colleagues from across the business provide one-to-one mentorship to the next generation of women in FinTech.

    The IMPACT Programme offers 1:1 mentorship as well as bespoke group coaching and insight sessions to each of our student mentees. The initiative allows female students with an interest in the FinTech industry to benefit from the professional expertise, support and guidance of our colleagues to encourage each mentee to achieve their full potential.

    What is mentorship?

    Mentoring is a relationship in which an individual shares professional expertise, experience and support with a less experienced peer to enable that person to achieve their full potential.

    Why do we run IMPACT?

    We run IMPACT due to the exceptional demand from female students who are eager to progress a career in the FinTech industry but may not feel they have the confidence or skills to do so. Alongside our group coaching sessions, your dedicated mentor will equip you with the confidence, skills, insight and knowledge to drive your career ambitions.

    What does IMPACT stand for?

    IMPACT stands for Inspiring Motivated People About Careers in Technology.

    How will I benefit from IMPACT?

    Successful mentees will be assigned a dedicated First Derivative mentor. This is a unique opportunity for mentees to build a relationship with their mentor, who will share their professional expertise, experiences and will provide support to help a mentee achieve their full potential.

    Mentees will also have the opportunity to network with like-minded students and colleagues from across our business, enabling mentees to expand their professional network.

    Mentees will gain insight into life as a woman in STEM and a deeper understanding of the skills required to succeed in the FinTech industry.

    What time commitment is required?

    Successful mentees will be required to commit to two hours per week, for the 8-week duration of the programme. Each week, mentees will participate in a group insight session or an individual mentor meeting.

    Meet some of our IMPACT Mentees

    Mentor Spotlight

    SiofraOver the past few months I have had the opportunity to participate as a mentor in the IMPACT Mentorship Programme. The process has been thoroughly enjoyable. I was paired with my student mentee Cara, and over the course of our one to one mentoring sessions we discussed a range of topics which I was able to provide guidance around including potential career paths in FinTech and consulting, employability skills and possible graduate roles and application advice. The mentoring process has been extremely rewarding and has allowed me reflect on my own career journey and progression while providing insight and advice to my mentee. The IMPACT Programme is a fantastic initiative and one I hope to continue to be involved with in future.

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