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    Lead from the front

    First Derivative Leadership Team

    Meet our leadership team

    Introducing our Solutioneers, Engineers and Pioneers, a diverse group of individuals with unique skills and perspectives. Together, we strive to achieve our common goals through open communication, collaboration, and a strong work ethic. We are dedicated to delivering results and making a positive impact in our organisation and community.

    As a team, we understand the importance of flexibility and adaptability in today’s fast-paced environment. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve our processes and stay ahead of the curve. We value each other’s contributions and work to create an inclusive and supportive culture where everyone can thrive.

    Our team members come from different backgrounds and have different experiences, but we all share a passion for our work and are committed to making a difference. We are excited to be working together and are looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

    David Collins


    AnneMarie Patterson

    Divisional COO

    Donal Keane

    Global Head of Business Services

    Eve Jackson

    Business Manager for Business Services

    Andy Colhoun

    SVP Head of Technology Services Division

    Laura Lewis

    Vendor Services, Practice Manager

    Leon Orr

    Chief Solutions Officer

    Jordan Hendricks

    Business Manager / Business Operations – Engineering Services

    Fearghal McGovern

    Riona Morgan

    Finance Business Partner

    Szymon Kaczmarczyk

    Susann Wisnewski

    Chief Legal Officer

    Ralph Debbas

    Managing Director, North America

    Fiona McGilly

    Head of People

    Johnny Mattimore

    Managing Director, Global Head of Risk & Sustainability

    Elizabeth Toner

    Director of Brand and Experience

    Mark Moore

    Chief Financial Officer

    Alan Shannon

    EMEA Head of Consulting