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    First Derivative Brand Ambassadors

    Are you a student looking for an opportunity to get involved with First Derivative? Look no further

    We welcome applications from students every year who are keen to represent First Derivative, our brand and our opportunities on university campus as Brand Ambassadors across the semester.

    Becoming a Brand Ambassador is a great way to expand your network, learn more about First Derivative and build a relationship with us, all while experiencing some of the perks of the position.

    As a Brand Ambassador, students will be responsible for organising promotional and networking events both on-campus and online, working closely with our Early Careers Recruitment Team. Successful applicants will be expected to exclusively promote First Derivative’s opportunities to peers throughout the academic year, sharing content and job opportunities via social media and referring students to apply for our placement and graduate programmes.

    Many of our former IMPACT mentees and placement students have went on to become Brand Ambassadors for us on campus but no prior experience with First Derivative is necessary for the position- all you need is a passion for what we do and an enthusiasm to share our opportunities!

    As our positions follow the course of the academic year, brand ambassador applications will open from June-August each year, with responsibilities commencing in September.

    The Perks of the Job

    • Flexible working around your studies
    • Invitations to First Derivative social events throughout the year
    • Fast-track recruitment process for a placement or graduate position with us
    • Great experience to add to your CV

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