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    Cyber security services

    Cyber security With Confidence

    Cyber security services

    Cyber security With Confidence

    Operational RESILIENCE

    Chances are you have arrived here because as your organisation has become more digitised and interconnected at an operational level, the associated risks to your business have become greater. You’re aware of the threat to your organisation’s resilience, and you also need to comply.

    You need a partner. First Derivative’s team of cybersecurity experts has unparalleled banking domain expertise coupled with product knowledge. Click below to find out more about our cyber domain offerings, our case study examples, our team and our collaborations.

    Strategy, Programme Management & Performance

    Strategy, Programme Management & Performance

    • Security strategy & Benchmarking
    • Financial management
    • Security vendor management
    • Metrics and reporting
    • Security project and programme management
    • Talent management
    • Business relationship management
    • Security service and product management
    • Security team learning and development
    • Communications management
    Governance, Risk & Compliance

    Governance, Risk & Compliance

    • UK PRA / FCA compliance requirements
    • EU DORA compliance requirements
    • Security governance
    • Third-party security risk management
    • Digital transformation and integration
    • M&A security
    • Policies and standards
    • Supply chain security
    • Security assurance
    • Training, education, and awareness
    • Security risk management
    • Security compliance
    • Insider threat programme
    Architecture & Engineering

    Architecture & Engineering

    • Security architecture
    • Operational technology security
    • Secure software and product development
    • Edge and IoT security
    • Security engineering and integration
    • Cloud security
    • IT asset management
    • Emerging technologies and innovation
    • Security infrastructure and tooling
    • Network and communication security
    • Security consulting and advisory
    • Threat modeling
    Security Operations & Response

    Security Operations & Response

    • Threat and vulnerability management
    • Security incident response
    • Security automation and orchestration
    • Forensics and investigations
    • Threat intelligence
    • Application security testing
    • Patch management and remediation
    • Security logging and monitoring
    • Endpoint security
    • Threat hunting and active defence
    • Solution architecting for Identity and access management
    Cyber Resilience & Recovery

    Cyber Resilience & Recovery

    • Cyber crisis readiness
    • Business continuity management
    • Cyber crisis response
    • Disaster recovery
    • Cyber recovery and restoration
    Data Protection & Privacy

    Data Protection & Privacy

    • Data loss protection
    • Privacy operations
    • Data life cycle management
    • Encryption and tokenisation
    • Privacy compliance

    First Derivative is a collaborative partner of Queen’s University’s Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT). An insurance industry case study highlights the work being delivered by that institution in partnership with private sector: Studies estimate that fraud costs the insurance industry $25 billion per year and that 10 per cent of all insurance losses are believed to be fraudulent. When applying these estimates to a client’s business, there is a potential $800 million in savings to be made by reducing fraud. Given the magnitude of the figures, even a small reduction in fraud can have a big impact on the company’s financial results.

    The aim of the Partnership was to develop an integrated anomaly detection system to identify fraudulent claims and point of sale fraud. The partnership focused on developing a structural similarity-based matching system to identify fraudulent individuals who re-enter the system with a new identity. The client uses graph databases for insurance data management and data analytics. These graph databases provide input data to the matching system.

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