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    Case Study:
    Cyber Security Services



    A large financial services company with more than 30,000 staff was looking to gain more complete security visibility and obtain additional resources to supplement its in-house team and enable it to focus on critical security investigations. The company recognised the significant damage a security breach could pose to its reputation and its client relationships, and it wanted to minimise the potential risks. While it had always taken cyber security very seriously, the company had no dedicated security team. The company wanted to enhance its security capability to detect and respond to the latest threats but could not achieve this with the resources it had in house.​


    Managed service

    Providing ROI on Cyber Security investments with skilled experts from our team. Our flexible service offering was tailored to the customer’s unique needs. We provided resources that have the relevant skill sets to deliver the desired outcomes. By assessing the maturity of the security estate, we provided recommendations that were be carried out by our security team. Our outcomes-based services model simplified the identification of the required tasks to improve the overall security health, as well as tracking progress along the way. Our team consolidated and reported on critical issues that required immediate mitigation, along with the remediation requirements to assist in reducing the entire attack surface of the business.​​



    Our 24/7 management of the environment ensured monitoring and response capabilities were available when required, along with the latest reports to achieve real cyber threat resilience and compliance.​

    We managed all maintenance, improvements and upgrades regarding the technologies we have under our master service agreements. We supported a dynamic range of security products and services ranging from. Network security, Endpoint security, Data security, Application security, Cloud security. This enabled us to proactively provide a service that evolved with our customer’s environment to ensure continuous improvement.​​



    Utilising an outcomes-based approach to delivering managed Cyber Security services. Our highly skilled certified engineers, architects and analysts, focused on enabling the visibility needed to increase our customers’ security posture, and ensure that no threat vector remained. Our techniques and methodologies are employed by some of the most risk-averse organisations. This approach has helped us to build trust, credibility, and strong partnerships with all our clients.​​​