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    Framework for Next Generation Counterparty Risk

    Open Source Sustainable Finance Taxonomy Project Launch

    by Johnny Mattimore, MD Risk and Sustainable Finance, First Derivative

    Introduction to Risk and Sustainable Finance

    by Johnny Mattimore, MD Risk and Sustainable Finance, First Derivative

    ESG FinTech Summit, London, June 14th 2022

    Best practices in sustainable finance  – can they enable you to improve your value chain?

    Join Johnny Mattimore, Head of Global Risk and Sustainable Finance, at the ‘ESG FinTech Summit’, 14th June, to find out which technologies are the most impactful for ESG improvement.

    Market Drivers

    Financial institutions imminently face an avalanche of carbon-based rules, regulations, and standards.These changes are moving faster than anticipated as businesses, governments, stakeholders, and individuals worldwide move toward more sustainable practices. It’s simple. Companies that don’t act, face value destruction. Those that act now will generate value creation.

    Key Challenges

    Mitigate exposure to financial and climate risk and complex data management for traditional.
    Measure, monitor and manage ESG related data.
    Deliver and communicate on your ESG commitments.
    Integrate sustainable finance into risk management frameworks.

    Designed to deliver Impact

    First Derivative’s team of risk and sustainable finance specialists focus on areas of sustainability where we can help deliver real impact. Catastrophe and climate risk are the most mature – and most regulated – therefore can be applied with the most rigour to business practices.


    We provide:

    • Technical competency to ingest and manage complex ESG to help you understand data and enact change
    • Strategic partnerships across compliance, data, model, NLP and Artificial Intelligence
    • We deploy the intuitive thinkers and innovative solutions to help you build the key building blocks to manage, monitor and measure your ESG related data.

    Integrate your emerging risk with traditional risk management.

    First Derivative has a long-standing reputation for solving complex data challenges for clients in the financial services sector. As a catalyst of our clients’ business agility, our Risk and Sustainability practice integrates emerging risk – climate and ESG – with traditional risk management practices. We support our clients across the full spectrum of financial and non-financial risk management.

    Climate Finance Week Ireland – Panel Discussion Replay

    It’s all about the data – innovating to embrace sustainable finance

    Panel discussion focused on data challenges and evolution of the data ecosystem and forward-looking commentary on what the funds industry and the Roadmap for Ireland initiative is doing to position Ireland to solve these data and digital challenges.
    Organised in association with Irish Funds

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