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    Case Study:
    EMIR 2.0 Remediation

    Client Brief:

    We are proud to have supported our Tier 1 US Investment Banking client in their EMIR 2.0 remediation.

    Due to an external audit, it was agreed with the FCA to reduce risk and demonstrate compliance. First Derivative were engaged to work across all asset classes and remediate transaction reporting errors.

    Actions Taken:

    1. Governance & MI
    2. Product / Trading Reviews
    3. Root Cause Analysis
    4. Technical Development
    5. Quality Assurance
    6. Client Training

    Client Solution Provided:

    • Our team are currently delivering successful transaction reporting assignments for our client; helping build, develop and future-proof their EMIR reporting.
    • Our front-to back solution is ensuring mission-critical transaction reports are compliant with EMIR 2.0 obligations, helping our client avoid costly fines.
    • Our 8 consultants pod consists of PM, BA, Dev, and QA.

    Customer Testimony:

    • Delivering Capital Markets transformation is highly complex and requires industry knowledge to operate effectively. Generalists tend to struggle to adapt to the language and critical nuances of the landscape.
    • First Derivative are specialists in
      • Capital Markets
      • Data Analysis
      • Regulatory Delivery
    • This is why we continue to work with First Derivative and renew engagements after seeing first-hand the superior results being delivered.