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    First Derivative worked together with One Creation to integrate the high-performance, KX Insights database with the native embedded privacy provided by One Creation. The collaboration combined the power of big data capture and analysis with security and traceability at the most granular level. The result is a system where the owners have enhanced control, privacy and visibility on data distribution from creation to end use.


    One Creation and KX Insights allows owners of data to efficiently curate it and make it available, in a controlled manner, for other users and systems to benefit from it.


    Data has also become more consumer- rather than producer-driven. The combination of KX Insights and One Creation facilitates this in a secure manner where the autorization layer provides access to data values to only those permissioned to see it.


    The granular level of traceability provided by One Creation complements the high-volume data capture capability of KX Insights so owners know who, where and until when their data is being used.


    Value derived from analysing data within KX Insights can also be monitized through One Creation, where those with access can come to consume on demand.

    Authorisation Case study

    Regulated Entity Governs Cross-Jurisdiction Data

    The challenge

    Global Over the Counter trades are reported to their respective jurisdictions without harmonization. Regulators cannot access all trades and are unable to perform global systematic risk management.

    The traditional solution of data aggregation would require migrating and aggregating data physically into a single data lake which is not only technically challenging and expensive, but also legally prevented by local regulations. In addition, data should only be accessed during a certain period of time and there is no guarantee of its “deletion”.


    • Client virtually consolidated data from different entities, infrastructures, and formats, without data lake migration
    • Client can now “self destruct” time sensitive data after the pre-defined expiration date
    One Creation - CalmOne Creation - Calm
    Leo Quigley
    Leo Quigley

    Head of KX Services
    First Derivative

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