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    After many years doing technical and management roles in industry, followed by 20 years as a contractor I felt it was time for a change. Whilst contracting I’d spend 18 months or so at a client and then have to move on, leaving behind new friends, a great understanding of the organisation and a feeling of loss that I could do another interesting role there. I also felt I wanted to give back lots to the organisation I worked for: mentoring; sharing the great technical, management and consultancy experience I’d gained; and finally leading teams. First Derivative became the answer: I have a great role here where I head up a small practice team whilst at the same time being a full on dev lead for a major client. I get to share my experience and help those around me, whilst gaining lots of satisfaction from the client lead and technical work that I do. I’m very motivated by First Derivative’s planned growth and feel there’s plenty of areas where I can contribute to that.

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