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    I joined First Derivative late in my career following a long period using them to deliver services in my previous role at Standard Bank. I knew the management group well and had visited HO in Newry to meet Brian twice before joining. When, in a lull between roles, I was invited to help out for a couple of weeks on a NY Murex project needing a little love and care, it surprised nobody, least of all me, when that couple of weeks turned into 8 months and then a full-time role in London. The NY project was typical First Derivative – loads of brilliant colleagues, many on their first professional venture away from home, all working crazy hours to deliver a demanding project and having the time of our lives.

    As, I’m reliably informed, the oldest member of staff, I’ve settled into a more sedate role now in London where I get the opportunity to work on hugely important projects and with smart and ambitious younger workmates. First Derivative allows me to have time to enjoy my second family and my 11yo daughter whilst pursuing a still burning professional ambition to deliver meaningful change for clients and work with the very best professional consultants in the business. First Derivative is as fine a way to finish a career, I’d imagine, as it is to start one.

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