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    First Derivative joins LSEG Post Trade’s Regulatory Reporting partner programme to deliver enhanced operational and regulatory risk management services to clients


    15th December 2022

    First Derivative has joined the LSEG Post Trade’s Regulatory Reporting Partner Programme to enhance the operational and regulatory risk management services it offers to clients. The combination of First Derivative’s business expertise and knowledge of the regulatory space and LSEG Post Trade’s Regulatory Reporting’s technology platform will generate significant additional opportunities for existing and new clients in solving their technology, regulatory and operational challenges.

    First Derivative, the world’s largest capital markets consulting firm, has a dedicated risk management team which works with many of the world’s leading financial institutions on their regulatory commitments and technology needs, developing the processes and applications required to investigate, control and implement regulatory programmes with confidence. As the regulatory landscape becomes increasingly more complex and crowded, technology holds the key to solving short term challenges and enabling firms to future-proof their reporting needs. By partnering with LSEG Post Trade’s Regulatory Reporting, First Derivative will ensure it is well positioned to help clients navigate the here and now while positioning themselves for future growth.

    Using the LSEG Post Trade’s Regulatory Reporting platform First Derivative teams will gain a much deeper understanding of the current regulatory challenges faced by their clients and other financial institutions, Areas of focus include risk and controls, regulation and reporting and data analytics.

    Chris Owers, Global Head of Regulatory Solutions, First Derivative: “A key initiative for the regulatory solutions practice at First Derivative is to build effective partnerships with companies like LSEG Post Trade’s Regulatory Reporting in order to enhance our business expertise and regulatory knowledge with cutting edge technologies and working practices. This partnership will give us access to a wider potential client base, conference sessions and keynotes and a broad range of training materials.


    Affirmations & confirmations

    Regulation: Regulatory data hub

    • G20 derivative reporting : LSEG Post Trade’s Regulatory Reporting rules engine – HKMA, ASIC, MAS, EMIR & BOI
    • MiFIR Transaction Reporting: LSEG Post Trade’s Regulatory Reporting MiFIR ARM
    • EMIR Reporting: LSEG Post Trade’s Regulatory Reporting EMIR Trade Repository
    • Data analytics
    • MiFIR ARM analytics
    • Data accuracy & management
    • Performance