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    Andriy Bulygin

    AI-powered document content extraction in AWS

    Day to day, many organisations have to deal with electronic and physical documents, as sources of critical information. Processing this information frequently has an increased processing time, operational inefficiencies and the ever-looming risk of human error.

    Abdoulaye Bamba

    Unlocking the Power of Snowflake: A Deep Dive into Cloud Data Architecture and Pipeline Building

    We’ll explore the core architecture of Snowflake, a leading cloud data platform transforming data management and analysis. We’ll delve into its unique components, like the separation of storage and compute and its ability to handle diverse data types and workloads seamlessly.

    Filip Mielczarek

    Introduction to Cloud Security

    Today’s threat landscape in ICT systems is evolving faster and faster, and security engineers must keep pace to ensure an organisation’s assets are protected.

    Sam Baxter

    Cyber Attacks Reveal Fragility of Financial Markets

    “Cyber attacks reveal fragility of financial markets” (Financial Times, January 2024)

    Geetha Balaji

    Artificial Intelligence in Financial Crime Detection

    AI is becoming popular in Financial institutions, and so, there are serious concerns around AI usage. Let’s talk about implementation and how proper framework and recommendations can help AI in reshaping financial crime detection for a better, safer future.

    Jonathan Guy

    Introduction to kdb+/q: A Crash Course in Time-Series Data Processing

    What’s kdb+? Meet q, List Magic, The Art of Functional Programming, qSQL: Time Series Wizardry

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