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    Leadership Excellence Programme

    Leadership Excellence Programme

    First Derivative leadership programme

    Programme Agenda

    • Emotional Intelligent 360 Assessments – online.
    • 1:1 Coaching, integrating an external platform from the most recognised Emotional Capital specialists in the world; Emotional Intelligence Training & Certification | RocheMartin
    • 2 days of Intense Classroom Learning – onsite.
    • Outdoor Team Adventure Challenge – onsite.
    • Peer Connect Learning Calls and Online Exercises to help each Group to continue collaborating and embedding the new tools & techniques.
    • Optional Buddy System to support Peers in staying Accountable with the implementation of the new techniques.

    What is the Leadership Excellence Programme?

    This First Derivative Leadership Excellence Programme is a Unique 4-month programme purposely designed to meet the needs of the World’s best Corporate Leadership Teams. The course is delivered by our Director of Emotional Excellence, Leadership & Coaching; Breda McCague. speaker, Accredited Emotional Intelligence Coach, Corporate Transformation Professional.

    The programme follows a hybrid design, we offer a mixture of online 360 Emotional Intelligence assessments for participants, Intensive 1:1 coaching, Peer connection meet ups online and a 2 day intensive learning event onsite.

    We also run outdoor team challenge adventures with the group to bring them outside their comfort zones and help them to learn how best to support each other. Over the course of the onsite we host a Social Unwind event to allow participants to process the material they are learning in a relaxed environment.

    This is a unique powerful programme; in that it is a Leadership Course but it runs with a heavy focus throughout on the Emotional Introspection and Growth of its Participants. It allows those involved to practice new techniques outside their comfort zone but in a comfortable environment.

    The objective of the programme is to give participants insights into how they lead, communicate and behave in the way they do. It gives them the tools and techniques they need to get better results and outcomes with their teams, peers and all their stakeholders. If you want Excellence in your Leadership Teams, we will teach them how.

    If your Team wants to be the Best in the world, they need the Best of the know-how. This programme will support them through a gradual transition to reach a whole new level of Leadership Excellence!

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