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    Case Study: MiFID II
    Pre/Post Trade Transparency

    First Derivative was tasked with consolidating with a Tier 1 US Investment Bank.

    Key Challenges

    • 36 active users with 70 reports available to run.
    • Complex SAP BW architecture – high running and change costs.
    • Implementation of ‘Business Objects’. Decommissioning of SAP BW.
    • Database for liquidity reporting makes use of Data Warehouse Model (DWM), which has significant overlap of data feeds with SAP BW.


    Key requirements

    • Extracting list of user accounts from SAP database
    • Contact users to establish if they are users that need access to solution and which reports are needed
    • Consolidate replies to conform report & user scope
    • Confirm and change in-scope list for reports & users
    • Enrich in-scope reports lists, consolidate reports
    • Business specified reports and data sources

    Solution Design

    • Current architecture rationalisation and mapping
    • Target architecture mapping
    • Infrastructure configuration (Test/ Product environment)
    • Feeds delivery – numerous sources of data all to be delivered by INS (integrated solution)
    • Data Warehouse design – outline of system tech & components
    • Development Approach – technologies and team approach

    Implementation & Testing

    • Scope and analysis
    • Database extension and configuration
    • Report creation and delivery
    • Dependency timelines – ongoing ACL decommissioning.
    • Testing challenges and approach. Feed, Report and Business tests.
    • Business acceptance approach

    Key Deliverables

    • Arrange for additional data feeds to be delivered/consumed into reporting database
    • Add new data fields into the DWM data model
    • Define a new BO universe based on DWM
    • Specify and build the required set of reports in BO
    • Perform technical & Business tests on BO report data
    • Create support documentation for reports

    Solution Benefits

    • Integrated reporting (single data source) in keeping with new requirements ( BCBS239, IFRS9, Impairment calculation etc)
    • Parent company already have ‘Business objectives’ connected to their DWH using similar design principals, they also decommissioned SAP BW.
    • App rationalisation in reporting landscape, reduced complexity/cost for any future development work.
    • Front end BO view is familiar to business and user friendly.