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    Strategy, Programme Management, & Performance​​

    Creation of secure service enablement programme for a multinational banking company​​


    • Review company service enablement strategy and refactor it to the new multi-cloud strategy.​
    • Creation of unique programme to enable client of leveraging cutting-edge cloud capabilities achieving compliance with regulators, internal policies and nesting cyber security best practices.​
    • Created framework in-line with CIS Benchmark for specific platform and RFC2119.​
    • Possibility of further operation of the customer department based on the created program.

    Time to Complete:

    6-8 months, time includes reviewing and enhancing the client’s internal policies with the creation of a dedicated program that complies with legal requirements.

    Team Structure:​

    • Agile Lead (1) To oversee the project and ensure alignment with business objectives including shape of programme.​
    • Compliance Expert (1) Expert in regulatory sector to ensure compliance with regulatory entities for the industry and the region.
    • Security Engineer (2) To create domains in programme to align with client vision, purpose of use and achieving compliance with leveraging best in class of the cloud capabilities.​

    Required Resources:​

    • Advanced project management software to coordinate tasks and maintain visibility.​
    • Security benchmarking tools.​
    • Communication tools for reporting and internal discussions.​

    Additional Info:​

    Directly engagement with cloud providers to meet legal requirements and know development roadmap for platform and services​​