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    Strategy, Programme Management, & Performance​​

    Comprehensive Security Programme Re-Implementation for a Global Trading Platform​​​


    • Review the entire security program for a global trading platform, enhancing strategic alignment across multiple regions, managing complex vendor relationships, and improving team performance and compliance.​
    • Manage multiple security projects across different regions, ensuring they align with the overarching security strategy and business goals.​
    • Evaluate and optimise vendor contracts and manage the lifecycle of security services and products used across the platform.​
    • Implement a global talent management strategy and a continuous learning program to keep the security team skilled and motivated.​

    Time to Complete:

    18-24 months. Given the project’s scope and the need to coordinate across multiple regions, this timeframe is necessary to ensure thorough execution.​

    Team Structure:​

    • Agile Director (1): To provide high-level oversight and strategic direction for the entire project.​
    • Regional Agile Leads (3-5): To manage project implementation in different geographical locations.​
    • Security Analysts (5-10): To assess and implement security measures across various business units.​
    • Vendor Management Specialists (2-3): To handle relationships with multiple security service and product providers.​
    • Talent Management Specialist (1): To oversee recruitment, training, and retention strategies for the security team.​
    • IT and Security Engineers (5-10): For technical implementation and maintenance of security infrastructure.​
    • Communication Specialist (1): To manage internal and external communications regarding the security program.​

    Required Resources:​

    • Advanced project management software to coordinate tasks and maintain visibility across all regions.​
    • Comprehensive security management tools for monitoring, reporting, and threat detection.​