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    Security Operations & Response​​​​

    Application Security Enhancement for a Capital Markets Firm​​​​​​


    • Strengthen the security of critical trading applications to prevent unauthorised access and data breaches.​
    • Conduct rigorous security testing of the trading application to identify vulnerabilities.​
    • Implement real-time monitoring of the application to detect and alert on suspicious activities.​
    • Establish a regular schedule for updating and patching the application to fix vulnerabilities swiftly.​

    Time to Complete:

    3-4 months. This timeline allows for thorough testing, monitoring setup, and implementation of necessary patches.​​​​​

    Team Structure:​

    • Agile Lead (1): To oversee project timelines and coordination.​
    • Application Security Specialist (1): To conduct the security testing and vulnerability assessments.​
    • IT Security Analyst (1): To set up and monitor security logging and alert systems.​
    • Patch Management Specialist (1): To handle the identification, testing, and application of necessary patches.​

    Required Resources:​

    • Application security testing tools (e.g., static and dynamic analysis tools).​
    • Security information and event management (SIEM) system for logging and monitoring.​
    • Patch management software to schedule and deploy updates securely.​

    Additional Info:​​

    Regular status updates and briefings to key stakeholders on security status and incident reports.​

    Training for application users on recognising potential security threats and safe usage protocols.​