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    Governance, Risk ​& Compliance​​

    Governance SDLC assessment and upgrade for multinational banking firm​​​


    • Conduct a comprehensive review of Software-Development-Lifecycle, design and implement modernised approach to match best-in-class standards.​
    • Deliver solution that will focus on better manage the risk of the software creation and providing guidelines with evidence for securing each step of the software production process.​
    • Comprehensive modernisation fully adapted to the latest platforms and technologies, also in line with best practices for producing safe software.

    Time to Complete:

    3-6 months. This timeline allows adequate time for SDLC assessments, design of progress plan and implementation the modernisation.​

    Team Structure:​

    • Agile Lead (1): To oversee the entire process of assessment, design of progress and implementation phase, while ensuring alignment with business objectives.​
    • IT Security Specialist (1): To review assessment, proposed design and support implementation phase from security perspective.​
    • Compliance expert (1): To review assessment, proposed design and support modernisation from risk and compliance perspective.​
    • Application Architect – SME (1): To assess and modernise Software-Development-Lifecycle.

    Required Resources:​

    • Platform for tracking progress and ability to conduct discussion​
    • Platform for developing software​
    • Software and mechanisms to enrich security of supply chain​

    Additional Info:​​

    Regular review meetings with management to ensure alignment with business objectives and compliance progress.​