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    Governance, Risk ​& Compliance​​

    Develop Comprehensive GRC Strategy for a Multinational Bank​​​​


    • Develop a new Governance, Risk, and Compliance strategy of a multinational bank to align with international regulations, including EU DORA, and to integrate newly acquired entities securely.​
    • Harmonise compliance across all operations in the EU and UK, ensuring every branch meets local and international standards.​
    • Systematically integrate the cybersecurity frameworks of newly acquired firms, maintaining a unified security posture.​
    • Reassess all vendor and third-party engagements across the bank’s global operations, implementing stringent security controls and continuous monitoring protocols.​
    • Establish a centralised governance framework to manage compliance and security policies consistently across all regions.​
    • Implement a sophisticated risk management framework and an insider threat program to proactively manage and mitigate risks.​

    Time to Complete:

    18-24 months. This extensive timeframe is necessary due to the scale of the project, encompassing numerous global operations and compliance requirements.​​

    Team Structure:​

    • Agile Lead (1): To provide overall leadership for the GRC overhaul project.​
    • Regional Compliance Managers (4-5): To handle local compliance activities and ensure regional regulations are met.​
    • IT Security Engineers (5-7): To deploy and manage security solutions across multiple locations.​
    • Risk Management Specialists (3-4): To identify and mitigate security risks.​
    • M&A Integration Specialist (1): To manage the security aspects of mergers and acquisitions.​
    • Training and Development Team (2-3): To design and implement a global security training program.​

    Required Resources:​

    • Enterprise-wide GRC management platform to integrate and manage compliance across all operations.​
    • Advanced cybersecurity tools for threat detection, incident response, and risk management.​
    • Legal and compliance advisory services to navigate multi-jurisdictional regulations.​
    • Budget for traveling and coordinating activities across different regions.