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    Governance, Risk ​& Compliance​​

    Compliance Upgrade for an Investment Firm​​​


    • Ensure that an investment firm is compliant with UK PRA/FCA requirements while fostering an informed security culture.​
    • UK PRA / FCA Compliance Requirements. Conduct a comprehensive review of current compliance status and implement necessary adjustments to meet all regulatory standards.​
    • Update internal policies to reflect the latest regulatory demands and industry best practices.​
    • Develop and deploy a training program tailored to the specific needs of the firm to enhance employee understanding of compliance and security practices.​

    Time to Complete:

    4-6 months. This timeline allows adequate time for compliance assessments, policy updates, and training programs.​​

    Team Structure:​

    • Compliance Officer (1): To oversee the entire compliance upgrade process, including policy revisions and regulatory adherence.​
    • IT Security Specialist (1): To implement technical controls and updates needed for compliance.​
    • Training Coordinator (1): To develop and administer training and awareness sessions.​

    Required Resources:​

    • Compliance software tools to manage and monitor regulatory requirements.​
    • Training platforms and materials for educating employees on compliance and security best practices.​
    • Legal and regulatory consultancy services for expert advice on PRA/FCA compliance.​

    Additional Info:​​

    Regular review meetings with management to ensure alignment with business objectives and compliance progress.​

    Engagement with external auditors for pre- and post-compliance audit assessments.​</p<