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    Cyber Resilience & Recovery, Data Privacy & Protection​​​​

    Cyber Resilience Overhaul for a Global Financial Services Company​​​​​​​​


    • Overhaul and enhance the cyber resilience capabilities of a global client to manage and mitigate potential cyber threats across multiple regions.​
    • Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery: Develop tailored continuity plans for each region, incorporating local compliance requirements and recovery protocols.​
    • Data Life Cycle Management and Privacy Compliance: Standardise data handling and retention policies across all operations; implement a unified privacy compliance framework.​
    • Cyber Recovery and Restoration: Set up regional recovery sites and define IT restoration priorities to minimize downtime and financial impact during crises.​

    Time to Complete:

    12-18 months. A comprehensive project covering multiple regions and incorporating various elements of cyber resilience and recovery.​​​​​​​

    Team Structure:​

      • Product Owner (1): To lead the overall strategy and coordination across different regions.​
      • Regional Agile Leads (4-5): One for each major region, responsible for local implementation and compliance.

    • Cybersecurity Engineers (6-10): To develop and deploy security infrastructure, disaster recovery sites, and manage cyber crisis response.​
    • IT Specialists (5-7): To support data lifecycle management, encryption, and tokenisation initiatives.​
    • Legal and Compliance Team (3-4): To ensure all operations comply with international and regional data protection laws.​

    Required Resources:​

    • Advanced cybersecurity platforms and tools suitable for enterprise-level protection.​
    • Substantial IT infrastructure overhaul to support new security protocols and data management systems.​
    • Extensive training programs tailored to different regions, focusing on cyber resilience and compliance.​