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    Calypso Case Study:
    Largest Calypso Implementation in Europe

    First Derivative partnered with AIB to build, configure, test and support the largest ever Calypso treasury implementation in Europe. After a successful launch, we helped our client with several more phases of their implementation journey and provided application support services.


    The client had a legacy system that was out of service and needed to be decommissioned. They’d opted to implement Calypso but lacked the necessary expertise and wanted a partner to work with them on that journey. The project was set to span many phases and would require a large range of personnel, including teams with expertise in implementations, testing, development, migration and support, all requiring high levels of coordination and knowledge sharing. To further complicate matters, the project timeline meant the client was going to require at least one large upgrade. Given the client’s trading volumes, along with the wide range of product types involved and challenging data structures in the legacy system, the complexity level was high.

    What we did

    The first task was to define an iterative methodology in partnership with the client, which would be used for early validation and risk reduction. We would need to provide a highly scalable process and coordinated implantation team to pull of this major implementation.

    First Derivative successfully delivered each phase of the project, the largest Calypso implementation in Europe to date. We also managed a major upgrade mid implementation and built automated regression packs. We provided in depth knowledge transfers to business users during implementation and delivered training sessions on all changes and detailed how the MX differed from the old world.


    • Simplified application landscape covering all major asset classes and currency pairs
    • Educated business users on the software and implementation specifics
    • Front to Back installation facilitating over 100 different products
    • Mapped and migrated all legacy dat


    • OPICS Replaced legacy system with a new front to back Calypso installation
    • 100+ different products included in the implementation
    • 50+ Calypso SMEs used across the implementation both onsite and from our offshore centre
    • Automation tooling used to accelerate implementation and reduce costs
    • 50 interfaces spanning trade capture, static, reporting and regulatory