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    Architecture & Engineering​​​

    Secure Product Launch​​​​


    • Ensure a secure launch of a new IoT product.​
    • Design a scalable security framework.​
    • Integrate security into the product development phase, emphasising IoT security.​
    • Implement robust security protocols for IoT devices, safeguarding against unauthorised access and data breaches.​
    • Conduct a comprehensive threat analysis specific to IoT ecosystems to identify and mitigate potential risks.​
    • Launch a secure, market-ready IoT product with embedded cybersecurity features, enhancing customer trust and compliance with data protection regulations.​

    Time to Complete:

    6-8 months. This timeframe allows for thorough threat modeling, secure development practices, and testing before the product launch.​​​

    Team Structure:​

    • Agile Lead (1): To oversee project timelines and deliverables.​
    • Security Analysts (2): To conduct threat modelling and advise on IoT security measures.​
    • Security Engineer (2): Specialising in IoT, to integrate security features into the product.​
    • SDET (1): To conduct security testing and validations.​

    Required Resources:​

    • Access to IoT development and testing platforms.​
    • Security analysis and testing tools.​
    • Cloud infrastructure for testing and deployment.​
    • Documentation and training materials for secure development practices.​

    Additional Info:​​

    Regular training sessions on the latest IoT security threats and mitigation techniques.​

    Engagement with external security auditors for pre-launch security assessment.​