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    Architecture & Engineering​​​

    Comprehensive Cybersecurity Overhaul for a Multinational Corporation​


    • Overhaul the existing cybersecurity infrastructure of a multinational corporation to protect against sophisticated cyber threats.​
    • Secure critical operational technology and industrial control systems against targeted attacks.​
    • Transition to a secure cloud-based infrastructure with enhanced data protection and disaster recovery capabilities.​
    • Integrate advanced security solutions across global operations, ensuring uniform security standards.​
    • Implement a global IT asset management strategy to monitor and protect assets across all branches.​
    • Provide ongoing consulting to adapt the cybersecurity strategy to evolving threats and business needs.​
    • Leverage AI and machine learning for predictive threat analysis and automated incident response.​

    Time to Complete:

    18-24 months. A comprehensive overhaul for a large corporation will need this time for planning, execution, and monitoring across various global operations.​​​​​

    Team Structure:​

    • Product Owner (1): To strategise and oversee the entire cybersecurity overhaul.​
    • Regional Agile Leads (3-4): To manage specific streams like cloud security, operational technology security, etc.​
    • Security Engineers and Analysts (10-15): To design, implement, and manage security solutions across different domains.​
    • IT Asset Managers (2-3): To handle the global IT asset management strategy.​
    • Cloud Security Specialists (2-3): For transitioning and securing cloud-based operations.​
    • Network Security Specialists (2-3): To secure communication channels and network infrastructure.​
    • Legal and Compliance Experts (2): To ensure adherence to international cybersecurity regulations.​

    Required Resources:​

    • Advanced cybersecurity tools and software for detection, prevention, and response.​
    • Cloud computing resources and services.​

    Additional Info:​​

    Establishment of a Security Operations Center (SOC) for ongoing monitoring and incident response.​​