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    Global Trading Platform​

    Navigating storms, fifty times a second​


    First Derivative’s client is a Japanese headquartered global bank​.

    The bank evolved its algorithmic trading strategy to more effectively trade through market volatility and manage position related risk​​.

    What we did

    A First Derivative full stack pod worked with our client to design and implement these quantitative eFX trading strategies. They included “Storm Surge” and “Whirlpools”​.

    “Storm Surge” detects price movements and volatilities, instantaneously adjusting prices to stay ahead of the market​.

    “Whirlpools” decreases position related risk using pricing rather than hedging.

    The results we achieved

    • Distributes prices fifty time a second across thirty tiers of clients.​
    • Instantaneously updates positions to incentivise market activity.​
    • Protects the bank from market volatility.​
    • Stays competitive in stable scenarios​.​
    • One framework for high and low frequency volatility​