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    AdenzaSL: International Japanese Bank

    Strategic Enhancement of Regulatory Reporting


    First Derivative was entrusted with integrating the AdenzaSL application into the existing managed service framework of the International Japanese Bank to support the complex requirements of the Bank’s regulatory reporting (Capital and Liquidity), transitioning away from redundant systems.​​​

    What we did

    • Implemented L1 and L2 Support with Jira for day-to-day BAU activities.​
    • Business support in the use of Adenza v9 with significant upgrade to v10 inflight
    • Managed and resolved issues through thorough investigations and Jira management, keeping business continuity and service level agreements on target.​
    • EOD batch support model including on-call services to meet business SLAs​

    The results we achieved

    • Customised the platform to align closely with specific business needs, enhancing the reporting structure.​
    • Provided support team (7 AM to 7 PM) with additional on-call services to meet business needs.​
    • Enhanced knowledge base to assist in training on the platform.​
    • Problem and Change Control management via JIRA.​
    • Established a protocol for End-of-Day batch validations and problem management, significantly improving the resolution of issues and impact assessment.​
    • Fostered team flexibility in both size and location to meet fluctuating project demands.​