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    Collaborative Insights Programme

    First Derivative leadership programme


    This is an investment in people’s future. First Derivative want people to be the best versions of themselves they can be and if there are ways to help, we will support the further development of skills.

    The materials have been developed to enhance the acumen of key team members and thus improve the ease of conducting business to better serve the interests of First Derivative’s clients and stakeholders. The tools and concepts have been delivered to senior teams across the technology marketplace in numerous vendor situations.


    Attendees will become proficient at the art and science of managing conflict and influencing through application of five core strategies built on the “Getting to Yes” interest-based approach: remaining unconditionally constructive, focusing on strategic interests, maximising legitimacy, creating value by being firm on principles yet flexible on how to achieve them, and creating clear choices between commercially viable propositions and a willingness to walk away from propositions that do not meet First Derivative’s interests.

    We will achieve this through a programme of thought leadership and training to infuse skills, tools and techniques to enhance their roles.

    What to expect

    Being self-aware is vitally important. We all have situations that act like kryptonite – we are top performers yet we are able to achieve disappointing results. Understanding how we behave in different stress situations is a very important personal learning.

    Everyone will be introduced to and experiment with tools and techniques largely developed at Harvard but adapted for the commercial world which enable us to deal with conflict, to create value in tough situations, to get a better outcome. The session is a safe environment to try out these tools and techniques.

    There will be some pre-reading (not heavy), some role plays (whilst some people don’t like role plays, they will be surprised with these). A skill we want people to attain is the ability to ‘view from the balcony’ – observing and understanding the dynamics of a situation and adapting behaviours and tactics accordingly. Much of the time we will be observing others in the role play.

    There will be ice breakers and games designed to demonstrate how we all perform in different situations. It can often throw up a few surprises.


    Nobody is expected to become expert at deploying the tools or techniques, so time will be made available to reconnect and discuss a particular situation and identify what tool. Is best deployed.

    There is no ‘pass’ – it’s simply about allowing people access to contemporary tools and techniques that can level the playing field and let people recognizer the game that is being played.